The first thing that comes up is probably the visa for Egypt.

On the plane or at one of the tour operators (buying a visa is not necessary here), you will be given a card to fill out (usually this is pink).

When you arrive at the airport, there are a lot of tour operators who want to offer you a visa. However, you can get in the travel bank to the right of the tour operator stands or u buy before u travel to Egypt through the Internet website of the official visit EG government


You can then go to the border control, where you can enter Egypt upon presentation of your passport including your visa and the completed card. If you enter with an ID card that is still valid for at least 6 months after departure, two biometric passport photos are also required, as a special entry card is issued here. Then it’s on to the baggage carousel.


Do you need to take prescription medication with you to Egypt?

Particular caution is required when importing medicines. You can get explanations here, including the form, very well from the ADAC.

Very special preparation is required if you are dependent on the intake of narcotics (BtM). First of all, you need a doctor’s certificate about this and other medications. This must then be certified by the health department. You have the option of taking your medication into the cabin as medical hand luggage. To do this, it must be registered as such with your airline beforehand.


Would you like to keep in touch with your loved ones at home during your vacation?

Then it is advisable to buy a SIM card.

Since the Wi-Fi in hotels is often sold at a high price or, if it is free, is usually only available in the lobby and is of extremely poor quality, it is advisable to buy a SIM card for little money. Since this is quite cheap and you get good reception with it everywhere, you can also send a few nice photos home.

The offer here consists of the providers, and Orange, telecom Egypt, Vodafone, Etisalat. The network coverage depends on the location. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

With Orange, you don’t get the full data volume straight away on your cell phone, but in individual packages. So it seems that you have been cheated and only received a smaller quota. However, you will receive instructions on-site that describe exactly how to get the whole volume. If you choose Orange, it also makes sense to download the “My Orange” app beforehand. Here you have full cost control and can also see all the details of the booked package including the data volume.

Airport transfer

Let’s go fast to your hotel and start your holiday or waited long for it and let us pick you up comfortably in one of our modern, air-conditioned, and insured cars and bring you comfortably to your hotel.
Travel health insurance to Egypt is also very important. Before taking out insurance, please make sure that you and your family are adequately insured. It does not apply to all parts of the world. We offer advice to you, do not drink tap water, do not brush your teeth, you can use bottled water if you are a resident of the Red Sea, use mineral water, add more lemon juice, you can with soup and salad, do not drink cold drinks with more ice, but it is advised to drink Cocktails without ice or a little bit because the sea water is filtered, but the matter is completely different if that person lives on the banks of the Nile River, such as in the city of Luxor, Aswan, Cairo, Alexandria, and so on. You can buy antispasmodic tablets for colic when needed from the pharmacy. Hot drinks are good from time to time. Hot mint, all kinds of tea, star anise, lemon, and more delicious Egyptian famous drinks.


And now we’re going into the water – do I need swimming shoes for that?

In general, it can be said that it is advisable not to go into the sea without swimming shoes. Often stones make it difficult to enter the sea or it can only be reached via a wooden walkway.
There are also beautiful sandy beaches, but sometimes poisonous animals, such as the lionfish, hide in the shallow grass. This fish has red spines and is highly venomous. Unfortunately,
there are always holidaymakers who have stepped on it and who have had a highly allergic reaction to the gift (swelling of the affected limbs and pain).

Unfortunately, one cannot rule out the possibility of broken glass, dead coral, shells, sea urchins, etc. on the beach and in the sea. Especially in summer,
the sand can get very hot in places. All in all, swimming shoes are also a very good companion on your vacation.


Do I have to pay attention to something with my clothing in Egypt?

Egypt is a Muslim country and there are a few rules you should follow when dressing to respect the religion.

In the hotel, you can feel free, but sunbathing without a bikini top should also be avoided here, for the sake of the employees. When you leave the hotel, you should first consider the region where you want to go. In Hurghada, for example, you can feel completely free. (Unless you want to go to the big mosque in Hurghada. Here, out of respect, women should cover their arms and legs. You can borrow an appropriate robe on-site for a small fee). However, if you go on an excursion and visit a temple, for example, then it is advisable to cover your shoulders and knees to maintain etiquette. Feel free to contact us at any time. more Egypt tours will gladly answer your questions and ur call or writing.


How do I behave now regarding the tip?

Very satisfied with your waiter, the room boy, the driver, or any other service in Egypt?

Since the wage level in Egypt is very low, tipping is a very important source of income. At the end of the holiday, you can exchange the small change (euros) for bills in the hotel to help the employees.

It is recommended to tip in dollar bills or directly in Egyptian pounds. (The Egyptians cannot exchange small change under 1 € and from 1 € only with a very large loss.) This corresponds to approx. 16 Egyptian pounds = 0.50 € and thus has a higher value for an Egyptian.

Also, you shouldn’t just consider the waiter and room boy, but also the people from the service department, who you don’t always notice. For example, the gardener has a very tough job and is regularly not even noticed